About Us

Me?  I'm enjoying Second Life.  I was told once I could do anything I wanted in Second Life, so I have tried many things.  I've been a dj, a hostess, an SL reporter for the Enquirer, and model.  My avatar is basically my own personal Barbie doll I love to dress up... and of course anyone that knows me at all knows my favorite color is PINK.  But you are in black/blue/calico in this blog entry?  Well, yes, because to love pink to me is a lifestyle choice.  I love the color, but I want to be happy, I want to make others smile, I want that life in SL.  If it isn't fun, then why you doing it?  So a HUGE thank you to my sponsors, my friends, and anyone reading this... basically for giving me the opportunity to do something I enjoy.
Barusa?  He's my Rooster.  He blogs the man stuff in my blog now.  He's my best friend, my partner in crime, my SL partner, and even wears pink.  He's almost perfect... but no telling him!  I'm the Pinky to his Brain, so no telling what we'll get up to depending on the night \o/  

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