Friday, December 12, 2014

Fragile Princess

Dress: Barely Legal- Royal Bride (Rose)

Jewelry: Sweet Thing Pink Tourmaline Elegant Choker-Song of Swans, Sweet Thing Song of Swans               Elegant Tiara with Hud RARE, Sweet Thing. Blush Song of Swans Headpiece with Hud                     RARE, Sweet Thing. Pink Tourmaline Ring- Song of Swans, and Sweet Thing. Song of                       Swans Elegant Handpiece with Hud-Song of Swans RARE
              Available at Arcade   (50L a Pull)

Hair:  Truth Thalia

Skin:  WoW Skin Allegra CL (With WoW Lipshine added)
Slink Female Feet- High
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands- Elegant

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