Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Death in the Breeze...

Walk softly and carry a big ass bat!  Well, it might have went like that if Roosevelt had been a bit more like Negan.  Barusa found a bat he likes, so swing away baby is all I got to say.  #best you ever hit a home run with her new Just Do tank and Beron Jeans.  I like his belt isn't perfectly fixed, so I can just tug on it and say "C'mere".  Then Pink Cream Pie :: has released some fun things this week.  There are so many Karlie tops to choose from:  Unicorns, colors, Pandacorns, etc.  I had a hard time picking one, ended up picking the one with a warning label:  I'll Cut A Bitch.  I think it's my SL daughter's motto, love her!  Then for y'all men, you need to swing by Pink Cream Pie :: too.  Barusa doesn't have a signature body, but for those who do Vaygah has made some awesome jeans that you need to check out.  Anyways, gonna see if I can get my knife back from the Rooster...something about not running with pointy things, yeah yeah... he pocketed it, but y'all have fun <3


Outfit:  Pink Cream Pie ::  Karlie Top *NEW RELEASE* by Vaygah Varriale
neve pant - artist denim by ColdLogic
::GaBriel::BLACK Hoodie Jacket by Takuya Jinn
Hair:  little bones. Tonic by Nova Faerye
Shoes:  N-core JAWS "Fuchsia" by claire.messenger
Makeup:  [Pink Fuel] CATWA Eyeshadow - Queen Palette by mochi.milena
::Modish:: Cara PowderPack Cosmetics (used eye color) by ele.brandi
#adored - enamored lips - happy hour edition by ampersand.artful
Jewelry:  [The Forge] Bullet Necklace by deccan.arida
Nail Applier:  alme.   Lacey - Black by chloeelectra
Skin Applier:  amara beauty - Justine Kit by Shantia Soulstar
Mesh Body avEnhancements:  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara by Onyx LeShelle
CATWA HEAD Catya by Catwa.Clip


Outfit:  #best you ever Just do...   Tank *NEW RELEASE* & #best you ever  Beron Pants *NEW RELEASE* by Rainie Gates
Shoes:  PreCast Fashion, Inc - Flat Boots Brown by Lil Cristole
Hair:  Exile::Spice by Kavar Cleanslate
Accessory:  [M-Typer] Smasher :: Swing At It by Sephiroth Ashland
Skin Applier: 7 Deadly s{K}ins- Devan by Izara Zuta
Mesh Body Enhancements:  CATWA HEAD Paul by Catwa Clip
Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body by Siddean Munro
VISTA Animations Bento PROHANDS by Vistanimations

Musical Inspiration:
Comanche by In This Moment


  1. You two look so badass!! I love your blogs Cris, you do such amazing work ♥ Thank you!

    1. Thank you Vaygah <3 I think he just likes any excuse to pack that bat around... While we were taking pictures someone said "hello". Thing is when he types it actually swings, so here he was typing "hi, how you doing?" back swinging away at the poor person... ::Facepalms:: Yes, that's MY man :D

    2. Oh my Lord!! Bahaha. Poor unsuspecting people! I will make sure to never say hi to someone wielding a bat! LOL